Doug DeVries Doug DeVries
Lirik Gould,Robertson,Heather
Just For The Record Linda Cable
Warm and Tender Olivia Newton-John
Souled Out
Margie Lou Dyer
Caught In The Act Deborah Byrne
Its About Time Christine Sullivan
Two Years Tony Hicks
Wangaratta Jazz Vol.1 Various
Harley and Rose Joe Camilleri
To Ruby from Ruby Ruby Carter
Standard Room Only Ruby Carter
Orange Red Orange Orange Red Orange
Thin Ice Peter Jones
Open Your Eyes You Can Fly Penny Dyer
Untitled Matt Kirsch
Translucent Matt Kirsch
The Drop Geoff Hughes trio
Journey Lucas Michialidis
Artistic Lament Dave Gardener
Speak Lisa Young
Transformation Lisa Young
Grace Lisa Young
Dark side of the street David Rex
Twenty four hour blues Mark Fitzgibbon
Musical Greenhouse Nerida Mason
Good Little Ploy Jo Chindamo
Anyone who had a heart Jo Chindamo
Duende – A romantic project Jo Chindamo
The Joy of standards Jo Chindamo
Eight Short sketches Tim Stevens Trio
Mickets Tim Stevens Trio
Three friends in winter Tim Stevens Trio
Sorry Pardon What? Tim Wilson Trio
Soaring at dawn Fiona Burnett Trio
Three Voices Fiona Burnett Trio
Counterpoint Fiona Burnett Trio
Songe Emma Gilmartin
Stationary FGHR
Going Home FGHR
French Chanson Becky Fox
Sometimes I feel Alison Wedding
Meditation on Love David Jones
Once in a Lyall Graeme Lyall
A Late Night Out Of Town Ray Alldridge
NightMusic Matt Kirsch
Ascent Jeremy Woolhouse
Scare Quotes Tim Stevens Trio
Alchemy Ali McGregor
The Very Thought of You Barry Tuckwell, T.S.O
Sun Cloud Luke Howard
Live at Bennetts Darrin Archer Sextet
Keep Cool Fool Grace Knight
Fragile Grace Knight
The Differences Gian Slater, Jamie Oehlers
The Hunters and Pointers The Hunters and Pointers
Transmutant Katie Noonan
Christmas Every Day Michael J. Harding
Welcome Stranger Monique diMattina
My Baby Just Cares for Me Rachael Beck and David Hobson
Seeds Darryn Farrugia
Works ’09 Jeremy Woolhouse
A-Z of Jazz James Morrison, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
The Final Hour Stuart Greenbaum
Collected Works Allan Browne
Live at Bennetts Lane Julia Messenger
Closer To The Sun Guy Sebastian
Stop The World Dami Im
Come in Spinner II ABC records
The Eternal Pulse Lisa Young

Featured in Film scores

Brilliant lies
Under the lighthouse dancing
Children of the revolution
Love and other catastrophes
The Emperor’s song
Gross Misconduct
Caterpillar Wish